Whole Bean Seasonal Roast

Current Feature: Ethiopia - Muda Tatessa

The Story: Happy hot summer to you! We're back with our first Ethiopia feature of the season (in fact, our first African feature of the year). We typically lean more on the chocolate-and-nut vibes of our favorite Central/South American coffees... but this batch is a lovely exception. It's clean and sweet (not in-your-face with the bright acidity or berry vibes). We like to pick classy coffees that could work in a multitude of brewing environments - from cold brew, to french press, to s/o espresso. Go have some fun with this one! It's mega-tasty.

Flavor Notes: Mandarin, Milk Chocolate, Wild Honey
Varietal: Bourbon (90%), Typica (10%)
Processing Method: Washed
Altitude: 2,340 MASL
Region: Ethiopia - Guji Uraga - Muda Tatessa
Featured: June-July