Whole Bean Seasonal Roast

Current Feature: Brazil "Vale de Grama"

The Story: Ah yes, naturals. You might not be able to find a more divisive topic in the coffee world. It's almost like folks who either love pickles & olives... and those who absolutely despise them. We apologize in advance if this is not your "thing." 

... WHICH IS PRECISELY WHY we're featuring this fruit-bomb as a single roast to our menu (roasting on February 14th only). From there, we'll be back to our seasonal offering - with a focus on more traditional flavor profiles like chocolate, citrus and nuts. We hope you dig this special little feature until then!

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Catuaí and Catucaí
Processing Method: Natural (80%), Honey (20%)
Crop year: 2020
Altitude: 1000m to 1300m masl
Region: Brazil - São Paulo State - Vale de Grama