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We’re an independent (online-only) coffee roaster from California. Our approach with each seasonal batch is simple: we feature coffees that we'd want to drink at home ourselves.

- Mark (founder)

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Current seasonal feature ☕️

Guatemala - "Las Plantas"

Our current seasonal roast comes from 3rd generation coffee producer Mr. Octavio Rafael Herrera Ordoñez (aka, "Otto"). Grown in the famed Huehuetenango region in Guatemala - we've been pumped to feature this bright & fruity batch for quite some time! Learn more about Otto's family (and what makes this batch so special).

Our roasting philosphy

We believe in quality, first and always.

It isn't enough to feature micro-nano-shade-grown whatever. We believe that the best coffees in the world come from that places that you know (like Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia). From farmers who give a damn, and who've been in the game for generations.

We specialize in clean (washed-processed), single-origin coffees with flavor profiles usually loaded with chocolate, sweet caramel and citrus. No, we don't "add" those flavors to our roasts. That's not a thing 🙃

"It's funny, but one of the things I've looked forward to the most is getting your coffee in the mail! About the only consistency in my life right now 📬"

- Ray (subscriber since 2019)

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