From Mexico:

Our first coffee (MAX) was from Mexico. To be a bit more specific, it was from a microlot in remote part of northern Oaxaca from award-winning producer Maximino Juárez Gonzales. This was one of the tastiest, most complex coffees we've ever experienced from Mexico (and we roasted it fairly light).

From Ethiopia:

Our second coffee (MULU) was a big-time winner. This baby came from the the Yirgacheffe-Guji zone that houses some of the word's finest beans. Aside from tasting like a heavenly fruit platter and finishing with Sean Connery-like smoothness, this coffee told a pretty badass story. Let's just say it involves WWII, Ethiopia's first female pilot (Muluemebet Emiru), and a three generations of coffee farming. 

We released another coffee from Ethiopia last month (TSUKURU) that also turned some heads. This was the first time we released a "naturally processed" coffee - meaning, the coffee cherries dry directly onto the beans and impart a ridiculous amount of berry notes in the cup. The story behind this coffee involved a 1,200 mile journey around California - which you can read about here.

From Colombia:

We've sourced two coffees from the fabled Nariño region of Colombia - known for it's high altitude and long growing cycles. The first was TAMBO - which we described as the "Little Apple Blossom." This sweet little baby was bright with green apple notes and more of that beloved dark chocolate we can't quite get enough of. 

Then of course came our last roast in early April - HOODOO - which we named after the stunning/weird rock formations just below Mt. Whitney in the Eastern Sierras. This coffee was pretty dang well received amongst most of you - from espressoheads to pour-over gurus, this one seemed to be a real crowd-pleaser. It was easily one of the tastiest Colombian coffees we've ever tasted - and yeah, we were sad to see it go!

From Guatemala:

Perhaps you recall AMBRO - the 3rd coffee in our lineup, which tasted a bit like a pancake party on the beach (yes, we had a lot of fun doing that photo shoot). The farm (Finca Aqua Tibia) was founded by Franciscan monks in 1876, contains a preserved forest, a nursery and plenty of livestock. We named it after the current producer (Eduardo Ambrocio) - it's a washed coffee from a high-altitude region with rich volcanic soil. This was definitely a fun one.

From Kenya:

We had a lot of fun with KIRA - which came from the Kirinyaga region of Kenya (home to some of the best coffees in the world). This was a generously tasty batch that popped with berries, chocolate and sparkling grapefruit. This one also happened to feature a rad little story about WWII prison escapes and mountain climbing. Full story here!

From Burundi:

We sourced an excellent coffee recently (NEMBA) which came from Burundi - a small country in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. This baby sings with green apple, cherry and nice acidity. Close your eyes upon first sip and imagine yourself perched in a remote forest somewhere up north. Wherever it transports you, just be sure to pair with our latest Spotify playlist.

From Peru:

ANDY was a super tasty coffee from Peru - specifically from the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru, high in the Andres mountain range (highest above-water range in the world). This coffee is smooth, tastes a bit like toasted almonds with cacao and a nice citrus finish. Fans of Colombian coffees should also find comfort in this one.

From El Salvador:

Our latest coffee ("Anny") comes from producer Anny Pimentel in El Salvador. Her farm (Loma la Gloria) is admired throughout the coffee world for the exciting "honey processing" styles which she pioneered in this region. This is a super-clean coffee with healthy amounts of brown sugar and milk chocolate sweetness that we're pumped to share with you.

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