The place.

It's a beach (and canyon) in Malibu that we love dearly.


In the summer months, you can probably spot us here on stand-up paddleboards if there's a south swell in the water. All other months, we're probably out for a bike ride up Latigo Canyon Road. It encapsulates the "spirit" of adventure in the Santa Monica Mountains that we 🧡 so much.


Simply put: Latigo is a place that's always inspired us to enjoy life. We've chosen to honor that very special feeling - and hope that our coffees bring you the same inspiration.

The roasts.

We proudly roast & fulfill all coffees out of the Pulley Collective in downtown Los Angeles.


We specialize in medium-bodied roasts, with a focus on incredibly high quality single-origin washed coffees (... whew, that was a mouthful).


That's not to say we don't feature the occasional blend as a 'special release.' But by and large, you can expect sweet and sparkle-y coffees from us that are best enjoyed black.

Our approach is simple: we feature coffees that we'd be stoked to drink at home ourselves.

- Mark Finster (Founder)

The story.

I had my first "real" coffee experience in college. It was an iced coffee (which at the time probably meant "coffee that was once hot"), and was properly loaded with milk and sugar. Nobody in my family drank coffee - and this felt like a small act of discovering whomever I was.

That coffee shop (Java Jones, in Santa Barbara) no longer exists. But my love for coffee (and the stories behind it) certainly carried on. Years later I'd find myself working on a coffee farm on the Big Island of Hawaii - plucking ripe cherries, learning the basics of roasting on a Diedrich IR-12, and cupping various coffees every day.

It's certainly a treat to say, "I worked on a coffee farm." But let's be real. I was no farmer. I was an apprentice to some insanely hardworking folks (aka, anyone farming anything) and it was a tremendous learning experience. It helped me realize how critical each step really is during the "harvest"-side of a coffee's journey to our cups.

Years after that, I decided to start Latigo. Partly because I always wanted to start a coffee business - and partly because it gave me the chance to play with a different kind of coffee brand that I didn't really see exist. One that celebrates California's outdoor culture, sure... but also one that avoids pretentiousness at all costs.