We live in LA.

John lives in Chicago.

You may have heard some things about Chicago... regarding a particular cold snap last week. That's right - the dreaded PoLaR vOrTeX, people! Temperatures just swung 70 degrees in a massive turn-about that gave John a second to thaw out (... and catch a gnarly fever), but also share some of his survival tips for next time.

Words + Photos by John Alcantara


Being from NYC, I never thought I would experience a record breaking below freezing temperatures till now. Since I work outside on a bike, the lowest that I ever worked in is -1 (I think), but last winter when I first moved to Chicago I did work a -14 day.

When working outside in these temperatures, it basically all comes down to layers. Keeping your body core warm throughout the day is priority one. My layers include: a thermal base, a shirt over said thermal, a winter cycling jacket, a hoodie, another winter cycling jacket (depending on how cold the day is), thermal leggings, Chrome pants, Smartwool Socks, and winter boots (or Vans, if temps allow).

Oh, and these Costco winter gloves have been doing wonders with the cold here!

Thanks for sharing, John! We hope the coffee helped ya push through it all!

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