Camping is fun! Camping is great! Camping is good for your mind, body and soul.

While the whole #campvibes thing also makes for some highly digestible IG content (see what we did there?), it can more often than not require quite a bit of time + money + energy to get the "food prep" right. Especially if you're a human who cares about the quality (and taste) of stuff that goes into your body.

TO BE CLEAR: we love cookin' stuff up when we're out in the wild. It's insanely rewarding to whip up a simple pasta dish to share around the campfire - especially after a long day of adventure. For some killer ideas around that theme - check out Anna Brones + Brendan Leonard's recent cookbooks, Best Served Wild.

But let's face it: we don't always have the time + resources to check all the boxes before these trips. It's a lot! And it all adds up. That's why we're pumped to partner with Boulder-based Trailfork on a fun new thingy. They offer fully-customizable "Day Supply" kits for $30, which include breakfast + lunch + dinner. Kind of a sweet alternative when you don't have time to fully DIY!

We've also all experienced the "hit or miss" nature when it comes to dehydrated backpacking foods. Nothing is lamer than finishing a long day out in the wild with a salt-bomb bag of mush that didn't quite cook all the way. Trailfork gets it. Their "unwrapped burrito" is so dang tasty that we've on more than one occasion made some at home. In our kitchen.

June 2018 - Trailfork feature in Outside Magazine (article here).

Needless to say, we were jazzed when TF asked if we'd like to collab on a little coffee project. So we made a thing! Available today with any of their Day Supply kits, you can now "add-on" a personal sized Latigo dripper. Because no trip outside is complete without a proper coffee moment.

This $3 'lil pouch is available exclusively over at Trailfork. We rotate the beans out monthly, and you'll receive our famed "coffee inserts" with all the fun stuff that our regular subscribers love. Oh, and the dripper is compostable because #planet.

Use code LATIGO for 10% off your purchase over at Trailfork today.

MASSIVE THANK YOU to Lillian over at TF for being a rad human + slingin' delicious foods. Also a big shout-out to our friend (and Latigo illustrator extraordinaire) RJ Rabe with the sweet new design.