This past weekend we decided it would be a good idea to run a half marathon up and down a few local mountains. It happened to be in Griffith Park - one of the crown jewels of Los Angeles. Despite some recent warming trends - it was cold (damn cold) when we showed up. Luckily, we came prepared with some fresh coffee for a totally necessary pre-race warm up. 

There's some magic in the high-altitude Nariño soil here at the northern tip of the Andes (pop quiz: what's the longest above-water mountain range in the world? You may have just guessed it). Maybe it's the light, silky body - or perhaps the cane sugar sweetness and overall floral vibe - whatever the case, this is the stuff of dreams. It's also the type of coffee you could share with your neighbors, friends and family who may not be the most serious coffee types. 

Similar to our previous coffees, this one is "washed processed" (meaning the fruit was removed after picking and the seeds were thoroughly washed and soaked). The cherries here at Nariño El Tambo grow at approximately 5,900 feet which lengthen the maturation process - which in this case, increased the overall sweetness you might find in the cup. We're personally getting some jazzy green apple notes in the Chemex.

Pictured above: the magic of Arabia "coffee blossom" - a full on nasal assault of jasmine, orchid and vanilla. This happens for an incredibly brief spell as the cherries enter maturation (and doesn't always happen on every tree) - but when it does, it can be the most intoxicating thing you've ever experiences. If only we could stuff our mattresses with this stuff ... and hide it elsewhere throughout our home. Until that happens, you can enjoy a few whiffs of it after grinding a fresh batch of El Tambo. 

As always, you can find a fresh pairing of tunes with each roast by following our Spotify playlist. Bet you can't guess which song made the cut for this roast...


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