Hey friends! It's that time of year again (which is pretty nuts). These big family affairs can be a bit tricky - and if you subscribe to Latigo, perhaps you're that "coffee person" of the family and can help everybody out with some fresh stuff. It really doesn't have to be that complicated to share the caffeinated goodness with your friends & fam - check out our short bits of advice below.

1. Brew with Something Simple

Sure, it can be quite tempting to sling a sexy brewing device (like the Chemex featured above, or an Aeropress, or some other thing we've never heard of) to "wow" your distant relatives. But when you actually start brewing, things will get pretty annoying quickly with your aunts and second cousins coming over to ask you questions. We suggest keeping it simple with a french press and instead of "wowing" folks with the fancy tools, just wow them with the actual coffee. Good news - this week's roast is a damn fine Colombian that pairs nicely with that pumpkin pie. 

You might even want to pre-measure (and pre-grind) at home before things get started. Seriously ... the amount of unwanted attention a scale attracts at these family functions just isn't necessary in your life. Spend more time drinking wine and less time explaining the 15:1 ratio to your Uncle Dougie.

If you need something a bit more powerful (aka, you have more folks to please than a french press can handle), check out this Bonavita 8-Cup brewer. It's outrageously simple and works like a charm. Oh, and it allows you more free time with your hands to drink wine and get animated.

2. Don't Blow the Music

Let's face it - you're never going to convince Great Uncle Bob that climate change is real and happening. Instead of never looking each other in the eyes again, might we instead suggest tee'ing up our world-famous Thanksgiving playlist!

You can also check out our latest Latigo Radio Spotify mix, which we've been updating with fresh tunes for every roast since the beginning. We keep the full archive here

3. Share the Love

We offer a three "core" Gift Subscriptions for your friends, family and lovers. For the outdoor adventure lovers in your life, consider our 2018 holiday collaboration with Stay Wild Magazine. It's got a full year's worth of goodies packed in one little bundle of radness. Do it up!

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