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Sippin' Coffee with Counter Culture in Silverlake

With Intelligentsia + Stumptown recently gobbled up by Peets (and Blue Bottle hopped up on $116M+ VC investment, flooding the market with cold brew) - the game has definitely changed for the former "rock star" specialty coffee companies. So it's a strange time for Durham, NC -based Counter Culture to arrive in the middle of the hippest coffee pockets of Los Angeles.

Their beautifully designed Silverlake space is not a cafe. In fact - you won't find a single Counter Culture coffee shop anywhere - they are a wholesale coffee roaster, and if you're lucky you might stumble upon one of their bags at a select few shops in Southern California.

Every Friday at 10am, they open to the public for a "coffee tasting" (they stop short of simply calling it a cupping - since they might deconstruct a blend one day, pull shots of espresso on another, and leave the rest open to trying new stuff). This is a really neat experience if you've never tasted a variety of coffees side-by-side... and may very well cause you to fall down the rabbit hole like I did many years ago.

Looking forward to the next one - hopefully they start offering bags for sale at these things!