We've been aware of Justin "Scrappers" Morrison for a while... originally discovered one of his amazing maps of California in a dressing room at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice, CA. Since then we've followed his story with the utmost curiosity - his life surfing in Oregon, working on a variety of projects for outdoorsy brands, becoming a dad, and launching the ever-so-rad Stay Wild Magazine in 2014. He's one of our absolute favorite artists and it's a damn pleasure to chat with him. Thanks, Scrappers!

Where ya from, Scrappers? 

I was born on Vancouver Island in B.C., but grew up in Southern California. So I've been road tripping up and down the west coast my whole life. I usually bring some art or zines on the road to leave at cool shops I find along to way. It's my way of trying to add to the interesting conversations these places encourage.

Weirdest job you've ever had?

I think gutting salmon in a canning factory in Homer Alaska was the worst. It scared me right back into college because I never wanted to be covered in that much blood again.

Can you chat about the early stages of launching Stay Wild?

I always wanted to read this magazine, or work for a place that had these values. After many years of trying to find it I finally decided to just make it. The first issue is still my favorite. It was funded by hundreds of friends, family, and total strangers who believed in the idea. All the issues that have come out since are inspired by the hopes of the generous people who helped make the first one happen.

What advice would you give to folks looking to break the chains of their desk jobs and launch a creative endeavor?

Don't quit your day job! Really, if you keep you day job your dream job won't get the pressure to create money for you. You can continue to work your dream job as a virtuous volunteer while your day job pays the bills like a sugar daddy. You'll have to work harder, but hard work is how most dreams are made real.

How often do you walk away from an idea? 

Only once. I walked away from my marriage after 17 years. Aside from that example, I don't commit to an idea unless I'm going to finish it.

Would you be comfortable sharing a bit more about the divorce, and how you're approaching it?

Yeah, ummm... I grew up with divorce all around and the only things people talked about were negative. What if we looked instead at the positive. I think if the divorce story we told was about personal growth, it could be a positive thing for everyone involved. My ex-wife and I are lucky to live in Portland where it's really common to go through what's called a "Collaborative Divorce". We're working with a mediator to decide together how to fairly separate our lives and share the joy of parenting our son Camper. It's hard, but it's not as evil as hiring lawyers to go after each other's net worth. Marriage is about love, so I think a divorce can also be.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Stop drinking, doing drugs, and make more art! 

Can you give us a book recommendation?

Johnathon Livingston Seagull. It's a super fast & easy read. The meaning is inspiring and, yeah, kinda cheesy. It's about a seagull who loves flight so much he gets super spiritual with it and goes onto some next level living. He learns to live beyond the rat race. 

Your son Camper looks like a total dude. What's parenting been like for you?

I hate to put too much on the kid, but he's given me the opportunity to be the dad I always wanted growing up. He's also given me the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world through his pure interactions with bugs and stuff. I don't know if kids will every know how much they do for their parents.

Do you have any daily morning routines that you adhere to? 

I stretch while the coffee is brewing. That's it. Oh, and I instagram while taking a shit too.

What does surfing mean to you? How does the Oregon surfing experience compare to here in Southern California?

Getting out in the ocean no matter the conditions is the fastest way to connect my self with nature. It helps me let go of all the bullshit and just float with the truth. The act of paddling for waves that aren't a good fit for my skill level or placement in the water helps me accept other things in life that don't line up perfectly. In a nutshell, surfing means balance for me.

What is one thing that hardly anybody knows about you? 

I love Ke$ha and sing along with my son.

You wake up tomorrow and could have any different career, doing anything at all. What would that be?

I'd be a hobo that rides log rafts instead of trains.

Thanks again so much, Scrappers!

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