So it goes like this: we've been waking up early for years to hit our favorite local trail systems in LA, which always makes for a tremendous start to the day. Our favorite local trail starts at Will Rogers State Historic Park - nestled just above Sunset Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades. A place that's simultaneously accessible - yet somehow feels miles away from the city (say hello to the family of deer on your short drive to the parking lot!).

After such sunrise forays, a thermos with some hot coffee is the ideal way to cap such an early bird morning. It's just... the best way to kick off your day, any day. So it only seemed natural that we'd share this vibe with the world - and somehow got lucky enough to team up with Outdoor Voices here in LA to make this a regular thing.

Ways to get involved: Join our Strava Running Group, stay tuned to our Instagram feed, and check out the OVxLA events page. As it goes with trail running, there's usually some climbing involved (but it will never be too insane). Goal is to typically wrap up around 8/8:15am so folks can jam off to work. Remember to #BYOMug to enjoy some of our latest beanjuice!

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