November 26, 2018 - Costa Rica La Laguna

Origin: Costa Rica - Tarrazu - Finca La Laguna
Roast Date: November 25, 2018
Vibes: Chocolatey, Sweet, Morning Vibes
Altitude: 1900 M
Processing Method: Washed
Vatietal: Yellow Catuai
Reco. Brewing Ratio: 15:1

The Story:

For the past two weeks, we got lost in France. Each day was a dream within itself. Some days we sat in a park with a coffee and watched folks stroll by, and the way the limited daylight would move across the beautiful old buildings. Other days we spent in Normandy, trail running along Falaises d'Etretat (beautiful seaside cliffs). One day we got pretty lost in a rental car.

Luckily, we had a few "test roasts" of this latest batch from Finca La Laguna to keep us company. It's sweet and utterly uncomplicated, sure to please coffee lovers on all sides of the spectrum. We also snuck a few packets of Dripkit and Voilia for those travel-ready moments when fresh brewin' just 'aint possible.

November 12, 2018 - Honduras La Lupita Honey

Origin: Honduras - La Paz - Finca La Lupita
Roast Date: November 11, 2018
Vibes: Dark Fruit, Nutty, Rich
Altitude: 1400-1500 M
Processing Method: Honey
Vatietal: Catuai
Reco. Brewing Ratio: 15:1

The Story:

Thanksgiving approacheth. Each time around this year, we aim for a crowd-pleasing batch that won't offend your Uncle Charlie's taste buds after too much wine and stuffing. We're super-pleased with this new honey-processed batch from Finca La Lupita in the La Paz growing region of Honduras. Should pair nicely with your Aunt Charlotte's array of homemade desserts - with notes of raisin and almonds, and a sweet tingly finish.

WHAT IS "HONEY PROCESSING" - no, the beans are not soaked in a giant vat of honey. Rather, this is a style of post-harvest processing in which the skin and pulp are removed - but some (or all) of the sticky mucilage surrounding the seeds (beans) remains. This adds an extra layer of sweetness as the seeds (beans) dry out, prior to roast. The More You Know!

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