Before we dive into this delightful new coffee - a quick thank you to Brian Stowell (who we just interviewed) for providing this insanely dreamy photo. Brian is no stranger to the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest - here we see our beloved coffee bag somewhere in Olympic National Park (a place we hope to finally visit this summer). 

This latest roast (NEMBA) is quite delightful. This is our 4th coffee from Africa (for the full list of where we've sourced from, see here) - and our first ever from Burundi. Let's take a look at exactly where that is, shall we?

This is another high-altitude growing region (approximately 6,000 ft) which typically means a more dense (flavor-packed) bean. As with most coffees we ship out - this one is fully washed (as opposed to the last African coffee we offered, which was naturally processed). This new roast comes to us by way of the Nemba Washing Station - a collective for several small farms in the area. 

For much of it's western border, Burundi has the beautiful Lake Tanganyika (pictured above). Similar to other African coffees in this particular region (such as Rwanda just to the north) the cup characteristic is bright with lots of red fruit. Unlike those neighboring coffees, however, NEMBA is not completely "in your face" with acidity (which we like) and comes across as remarkably balanced. We know many of you are nuts-o from African coffees like these and we're eager to hear what you think of this one!

What else has been happening back home in Southern California? For one, the #SuperBloom continues and is apparently so vibrant you can see it from space. This has made from some pretty incredible trail running, hiking and cycling in the local mountains. Just a few examples:

... which is to say, if you haven't been making it outside enough in recent weeks - get out there! Wake up early - bring some coffee (and some snacks). Read a book under the shade of a tree somewhere. Smell some flowers. They might be gone under the hot (oncoming summer) sun very soon.


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