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Tales From Ethiopia

Man 'o man, would you look at those cherries! Let's be clear on one quick thing before we dive into the MULU story - this is a "washed" coffee (the picture above shows coffee cherries drying "naturally" on a raised rack). Most of the coffees I feature are washed - meaning, the cherries are removed from the beans shortly after picking, and the beans themselves are thoroughly rinsed before getting placed on a drying rack. There's a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo we could dive deeper into here ... and when I decide to roast and ship a "natural" it will be a big #knowledgebomb type of a day. Expect a Fruity Pebbles type of coffee whenever that day comes.


Ethiopia is widely understood as the "birthplace" of coffee (so says the DNA of other coffee plants around the world). Which is really neat - and most appropriate that we'd feature a mighty-fine batch from the famed Yirgacheffe-Guji region sooner rather than later. As with all roasts, I'm not looking to dazzle you with fancy tasting notes or factoids like elevation or microclimates ... my primary objectives are: 1) find coffees that taste really dang good, and 2) make sure they tell a cool story. 

Regarding point #2 - this coffee is basically a shoe-in. Turns out the farm goes back three generations to Muluemebet Emiru, who became the country's first female pilot in 1934. After serving in World War II, she returned home and was awarded several acres of land by the Ethiopian government which happened to be lush with coffee trees. Which is to say - this coffee fights fascism

Yep, that's her. Pretty neat right?


What I like most about this coffee is how "clean" it is. You might hear the term "tea-like body" tossed around a lot ... and while that certainly applies to many coffees when they are prepared a certain way (pour-over mainly), this coffee comes out nice and crisp no matter how you decide to brew (french press, Chemex, underwater, etc). 


As the crow flies, the Hambela Farm is located about 40 miles from some of the most stunning nature reserves in the country. Pictured above is a view of the Bale Mountains - neighbor to the lush Harenna Forest (pictured below).


For those of you who received this week's coffee - let me know how it turns out in the cup!  

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