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Kira is from Kenya

Our fourth coffee is from the Kirinyaga region of Kenya - in the shadow of Mount Kenya, approximately 2 hours by car from Nairobi (the country's capital). It's a washed coffee (grade AA) from producer Jackson Kanampiu - intentionally light-bodied, and bursting with fresh berries, grapefruit and dark chocolate.

Back in 1941, an Italian named Felice Benuzzi was captured by allied forces and sent to a POW camp near this Kiranga Estate farm (he was a civil servant, not a soldier). For roughly eight months, Benuzzi secretly plotted escape with a most unusual plan - he would climb the roughly 17,000ft Mount Kenya and hideout for as long as it took.

Not only did he manage to pull off the escape, but after 18 days of hiding away on the mountain he apparently felt so refreshed that he returned to life as a POW back at the camp. He published a full account of this wild journey in his 1947 book, No Picnic on Mount Kenya.

Flash forward about 76 years - and a dramatic amount of the glacial ice on Mount Kenya has disappeared. In 2013, English photographer Simon Norfolk spent 18 days documenting where the ice "used to" reach during Benuzzi's time of escape (which happens to be well-documented with photographs) vs. where it's at in current recession. Norfolk captured the change using long-exposure shots, walking a petroleum-soaked torch along an imaginary line where the ice used to reach. Check out the stunning imagery here.

As a means of ensuring sustainable coffee production, this farm prioritizes water conservation through recirculation during the washing and "pulping" steps of coffee production. Similar to other farms we source high-quality coffees from - the crew at Kiranga Estate hand-sort cherries after picking to suss out any unripe or damaged fruit. 

We're really enjoying this in the cup. If you're brewing with any pour-over method (V60, Chemex, etc) this should produce an exceptionally clean (almost tea-like) body. Should you want a little more oomph in the cup, try any type of "full immersion" (aka, steeping) method instead like Aeropress or French Press. Visit our detailed Brew Guides page for step-by-step instructions on how to nail your morning cup.

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