We have the utmost honor to supply the basement studios of KCRW with fresh coffee for their latest Pledge Drive this week. For years, we've been glued to their programming at 89.9 FM and couldn't quite imagine life in Southern California without them. KCRW is the spirit of Los Angeles - the "one stop shop" for music, culture and news that helps feed our curiosity. 

Perhaps you're already a contributing member (that's great!), or maybe you've been listening passively for a while and need a little extra convincing to start donating. It's also very possible that all this NPR geekery is just a bit too much for you. Whatever the case, we hope the short list of practical benefits below will help the staunchest supporters and biggest skeptics come together and help save public radio. 

Reason #1: Cheaper Sandwiches

Donate at least $5/month and you'll get access to the KCRW Fringe Benefits card - a source of mystical discounting power around Southern California. At our HQ in beautiful Culver City, we're nice and close to the delightful Jackson Market (neighborhood deli) and the insanely delicious Vietnamese joint Phorage. The KCRW FB card hooks you up with 15% off your purchase at both spots. 

Let it rain discounted sandwiches upon thee. Go crazy with the Boar's Head selection at Jackson - and give the jidori chicken banh mi a shot at Phorage. While you're in the area - swing by for a coffee at Cognoscenti, Bar Nine or Blue Bottle. Perhaps go for an afternoon stroll up the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (aka, "The Culver Stairs") for some of the tastiest 360 degree views of LA.

Mayer Hawthorne live at Apogee Studios for KCRW. Picture courtesy of KCRW. Full session here.

Reason #2: Free Concerts

"You can still win tickets to concerts on the radio?" 

"Yes. KCRW does epic giveaways all the time."

"Seriously? What kind of shows?"

"Private recordings at tiny recording studios. Massive summer shows at the Hollywood bowl. Intimate sessions at a local guitar shop."

"Wow - that sounds pretty neat."

"It's super neat. They also host free outdoor concerts all summer long as part of the annual KCRW Summer Nights Festival."

"Wow cool! How do I win those free tickets though? Chances must be pretty low, right?"

"Donate at least $5/month and you'll get a membership card to KCRW. Your chances for winning and stupidly high during weekend shows hosted by Anne Litt and Gary Calamar. Just save the dial-in number as a contact on 'yer phone and be quick once the giveaway starts."

"I'm so enlightened now. Maybe I'll give $20/month to KCRW for all important stuff they do. Thanks!"

Reason #3: Dating is Easier

Dating. It's a thing. We all live busy lives and if you're single, squeezing in a date or two during the work week can be exhausting. Let's say you're trying to find common ground with this totally random person you've never spent any time with before. Sure, you dabble with the classic "Where ya from how many siblings do you like red or white wine" type of stuff. Or you could cut straight to the chase and drop a quick KCRW reference. Your date will either a) have no clue what you're talking about, in which case you should head straight for the door -- or b) light up immediately, and the seeds have been planted for date number two and possibly true and never ending love.

Here's a suggestion. Plan a Sunday evening date, throw on some adventurous pop during Gary Calamar's show form 6-8pm ("both timely and timeless") ... and enjoy the insanely abrupt (always entertaining) transition to Henry Rollins' show at 8pm. You'll have plenty to discuss.

What are you waiting for?