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Let's Drink Coffee in July

July 23, 2018 - Ethiopia Sidama "Bokasso"

Region: Ethiopia - Sidama Yirgalem
Roast Date: July 21, 2018
Tasting Notes: Plum, Flower Power, Meyer Lemon
Altitude: 1900-2100 masl
Processing method: Washed
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Recommended Brewing Ratio: 15:1

The Story:

Hey look! Another bright and tasty batch for lovers of all-things African. And yes - we've been featuring a great many coffees from Ethiopia thus far in 2018 ("Bokasso" is our 4th) - but not without good reason! This is one of the cleanest cups we've experienced in years (Chemex brew method recommended), and it's helping us close out an extremely busy couple of weeks in the best of ways.

We'll be holding things down in Denver for Outdoor Retailer this week, so might be a tad delayed in replying to your lovely notes and messages. In the meantime, did ya see this sweet giveaway we're doing with Stay Wild?


July 9, 2018 - Honduras "Finca San Jacinto"

Region: Honduras - San Jacinto
Roast Date: July 8, 2018
Tasting Notes: Fruit Loops, Jasmine, Watermelon
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl
Processing method: Natural
Importer: Bodhi Leaf
Recommended Brewing Ratio: 16:1

The Story:

Straight-up Heat Wave City here in SoCal for the past week. Wowzers. The timing on this latest "natural-processed" batch couldn't be any better. Notes of watermelon and fruit-bomb on the nose, should transport you to a world of pool parties and rainbows.

This batch comes from producer Isaura Martinez in the San Jacinto growing region - an outspoken advocate for sustainable farming practices, who is looking to obtain her Carbon Neutral Certification within the next few years.

Photo Credit: Latigo subscriber Will Holder

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