Hoodoo (noun) - hoo·doo  \ˈhü-(ˌ)dü\ - a natural column of rock in western North America often in fantastic form

We're pretty dang spoiled here in Southern California. Hop on a bike (or in this case, a car) and head in just about any direction for a few hours and you're surrounded by some of the most epic nature in the country. We've been forever entranced by the Eastern Sierra byway (Highway 395) and the magic you can readily discover alongside it. It seemed like a great idea to "test drive" our latest roast (a Colombian from the Nariño region of La Union) during a quick overnighter last week.

Of the various small towns you'll pass through (and slow to a screeching near-halt at 25mph), there's none more charming in our book than Lone Pine, CA. Home to the legendary Lone Pine Film Museum (which makes sense once you visit it ... basically 95% of all westerns have been filmed here since forever, including Django Unchained) - this town is a portal to all the best places in the Sierras. 

Head east and you're in Death Valley. West, and you'll wind up Whitney Portal Road toward the tallest peak in the continental USA. North to world-class skiing, Mono Lake and Yosemite. All good things start here. 

We arrived around dusk (aka, Hour of the Mosquito). Just enough time to scope out a campsite (it's 100% free at any of the "sites" here), setup camp for the evening, and build a fire (less for warmth, more to fend off bugs). Here's a theory --> mostly any dinner you cook whilst camping under an ocean of stars tastes better than at home. Pretty sure it's accurate.

There are hidden faces everywhere in the Alabama Hills. We saw giant fish-people, Charlie Brown halloween-style ghost costumes, massive fissures in the rocks that appear to divide time itself (if any geologist friends out there know about these divider thingies, we'd love to learn more). All of this made for some epic morning coffee views and general exploradoring. 


This is our second Colombian offering, chosen first and foremost for it's utter deliciousness - but also to highlight the striking differences to the last one from the same region (you might remember TAMBO). This new batch is a bit softer with notes of blackberry, pear and nougat - where Tambo was roasted a slightly darker to highlight  chocolate and apple notes. We love both - and are excited to see what you think.

In the event that you head up, get nice and wired on caffeine and are itching for a delightful trail run (or hike-about) - look no further than this Strava route. It can feel a bit like a maze in there but thankfully (most) trails all connect with each other. Also be sure to check out our recent interview with Jael Hoffman - her incredible scrap metal art is permanently on display just about twenty minutes away from here. Enjoy!

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