Greetings, internet! If you've been following our story, then you probably know we're a small (subscription-based) roasting operation with a penchant for outdoor stuff. Since launching in January 2017, we've featured 43 unique coffees from all over the world to over 1,000 subscribers. We've featured online Q&A's from some of our favorite folks, hosted rad Campouts for our customers, and worked tirelessly to provide the ideal musical accompaniment for each coffee in our rotating Spotify playlist.

So we were able to "get off the ground" and start making stuff. Now, over 1.5 years into the operation, we're looking to "tighten up" what we've built and start turning this fun little passion project into a real business. We cannot do it alone - and we'd love to find some talent to help us get there.

The following positions are what we have in mind. Please note these are part time positions with flexible hours, and it's assumed that you already share a passion for coffee + the outdoors.

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Webmaster Supreme - Los Angeles (or Remote)

The primary role of the WEBMASTER SUPREME is handling all-things internet for Latigo. Our site is built with Shopify (and powered by 3rd-party Shopify apps like ReCharge), and we rely on MailChimp to craft our dope little bi-weekly newsletter The Skinny. We're looking for a sharp, creative mind to help us take web stuff to the next level. This is a part-time role with duties that may include (but would not be limited to) the following:
      • Research, develop and implement a Referral Program based on available Shopify apps.
      • Research, develop and implement a Customer Feedback program that tracks customer preferences on each roast.
      • Create, deliver + improve social media marketing campaigns across all platforms.
      • Use Google Analytics to help improve customer experience + checkout flow.
      • Develop "best-in-class" Shopify experience based on available Themes + custom development.
      • Improve customer newsletter with MailChimp - with a focus in rich/dynamic media experience.

        Operations Guru - Los Angeles

        At it's core, Latigo Coffee is a subscription biz that ships out hundreds of packages (filled with delicious coffee) every 2 weeks. The primary role of the OPERATIONS GURU is to make sure that train runs smoothly: from prepping all the necessary shipping components, to handling fulfillment + working with our suppliers to make sure stuff arrives on time + is up to snuff. This is a part-time role with duties that may include (but would not be limited to) the following:
            • Track, organize, and fulfill all new + recurring orders.
            • Forecast "green coffee" needs for future roasts - and build/improve upon our current forecasting model.
            • Work directly with our import-partners on green coffee shipments.
            • Organize + assemble all packaging (shipping containers, coffee labels, weekly coffee inserts, shipping labels) prior to each roast.
            • Work directly with our roasting partners on timelines + roast specifications.
            • Work directly with our local wholesale partners on fulfilling "Office Coffee" requests.
            • Handle customer-related shipping + account inquiries (lost/stolen/expired CC's, shipping address updates, re-sending shipments, cancellation + refund requests, etc).