Drive north from Los Angeles for about 1.5 hours and you'll arrive in a different world. I discovered Good Land Organics back in 2012 when word started traveling fast. A young citrus farmer named Jay Ruskey had collaborated with UCSB on a bold experiment: growing high-quality coffee in the Golden State. 

Ruskey (pictured above, center) still offers weekend tours of his beautiful farm in Goleta. This particular tour 4 years ago helped propel me down the coffee rabbit hole - you'll learn a tremendous amount about the crazy amount of effort that goes into producing a single cup of coffee. Check the GLO website for upcoming tours ... and yeah, sign up!

In 2014 they received a dank 91 points on Coffee Review - no small accomplishment for an incredibly risky endeavor! Many "professionals" in the coffee community guffawed at any notion that specialty coffee grown in N. America could match the quality of other established growing regions in the world. 

What are you waiting for? Get up to Goleta!