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Duarte (Colombia) & Other Coffee News
In our tireless quest to discover (and share) the word's tastiest coffees, every so often we're lucky enough to find one that perfectly captures the essence of a coffee-growing region. So is the case with DUARTE - our latest roast from the Nariño (La Florida) zone of southwestern Colombia. While we primarily acquire coffees from a trusted network of high-quality coffee importers - this particular batch came to us from our good friends at Augie's in Redlands, CA (which you should certainly visit next time you're passing through to Joshua Tree or Palm Springs).

This is a “washed” processed coffee from from an altitude of roughly 6,200 feet. Such higher-elevation growth is typical of Nariño coffees, and adds to the bean density over a longer maturation process on the trees. This means a more full-bodied cup... and in this one, we're digging a bit of almond, chocolate and grapefruit vibes. Producer Barion Manchaba's crop is made up of two varietals: Caturra (bright acidity and medium body) and a Caturra-hybrid which was developed in Colombia (fuller bodied, caramel notes and sweet) which happens to resist disease quite well. 

In other coffee news, we recently had the pleasure of slingin' beans at Carhartt Vineyards up in Santa Barbara wine country for their annual "Rosé & Breakfast Burrito" gathering (yep). Not that we really needed an excuse to visit one of our favorite places on the planet ... SB has some of the best cycling, surfing and coffee culture in the state (plus a totally unique blend of southern and central coast vibes). This particular pairing of Latigo & Carhartt made quite a bit of sense given our shared obsession for fruit that (when tinkered with) creates earth-shattering sensory experiences for your dome. 

The quick road trip involved some pit stops at our favorite places along the coast - including the Patagonia headquarters, Breakfast Culture Club in Santa Barbara, and Topa Topa Brewery in Ventura. A lovely time indeed.

Photo above: Morgan Maassen for the NY Times.

Speaking of Santa Barbara coffee things -- Jay Ruskey and Lindsey Mesta of Good Land Organics were just profiled in the NY Times. For the past decade, GLO has pioneered California-grown coffee in the shade of avocado and cherimoya trees. Our own journey in coffee basically started here in 2012 during a tour of the GLO farm in Goleta, CA (just a bit north of Santa Barbara). Check out their website for info on the weekly coffee tastings (Friday's at 10am) and be sure to snag some of Jay's absolutely delightful "caviar" limes!

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