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Finca Loma la Gloria (El Salvador)

We're insanely jazzed to introduce this exquisite new coffee from El Salvador. This is our first "honey" processed coffee - where the sticky, sugar-rich "mucilage" is left to dry directly on the beans after the cherries are removed. Producer Anny Pimentel is pioneering various types of this processing style at her farm (Finca Loma la Gloria) in El Salvador. 

A few months back, we popped into Bird Rock Coffee in La Jolla toward the end of a magical bicycle quest from Los Angeles to San Diego. We had an incredible "red honeyed" coffee that totally blew us away with it's bright acidity (more common with African coffees), sweet cherry mouthfeel and clean finish. With the help of some incredibly kind friends in the SoCal roasting world, we were lucky enough to snag a bag of the "yellow honeyed" version of this crop and are delighted to share it with you.

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This week we're also stoked to feature the trippy artwork of local LA artist Jawsh Smyth. Subscribers to our coffee will be delighted to find his psychedelic-melty "Hot Mess" sticker in the box this week. We noticed one stuck on a parking meter in Santa Monica not too long ago and couldn't escape the gravitational pull of it's colorful weirdness.

"Pray to the art gods. Pray for enlightenment, a peaceful death, and a ripe avocado (or whichever comes first). Traversing the valley. Overcoming self-doubt. Climbing the mountain. Hovering along the cliffs of madness. Peace in the abstract. Preferring to live in metaphor. Just another hot mess." - jawsh

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