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Meet Andy
What a couple of weeks it's been! Much to discuss in the Coffee News department, but let's first chat about the coffee we're shipping out today. This is an organic washed crop from the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru - high in the Andes mountain range (largest above-water range in the world). Is it close to Machu Picchu as this photo suggests? Not quite... but there are some pretty sweet Indiana Jones-y things to check out in this region. Read on.

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Fans of our last Central American roast (HOODOO from Colombia) should find comfort in Andy. It's a slightly nuttier version of that, with similar chocolate notes and a nice citrus finish. The high altitudes of the Cajamarca region add to a dense, flavor-rich bean (lower altitude coffees like Robusta are generally larger and less dense). This should work across a variety of brew methods, including the couple of you out there pulling espresso at home.

As with many of the "washed style" coffees we've been roasting, the coffee cherries get removed after picking and are often used as organic fertilizer back directly on the trees. Pretty neat "circle of life" process that we got to witness firsthand back during our own escapades on a coffee farm in Hawaii. Oh, and you can munch on the cherries during the hours spent picking - they are actually quite delicious, but will absolutely get you over-caffeinated in no time

Ventanillas ("Small Windows") of Otuzco - This ancient necropolis dates back to 1400 B.C. and is located in the same Cajamarca growing region

In other coffee news, we had the utmost pleasure of catching up with those old Hawaiian coffee farmer friends last weekend in Seattle for the annual Specialty Coffee Expo. This is a massive conference that brings together all aspects of the coffee community - importers, manufacturers, baristas, roasters ... the list goes on. Easy to get overwhelmed pretty much immediately on the conference floor - but it was incredibly epic to catch up with old coffee friends we haven't seen in years.

Pike Place Market at the tail end of a delightful 5-ish mile run from our Airbnb in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

As with every coffee pilgrimage to Seattle, we visited Espresso Vivace for a highly delicious cappuccino. If you've never been, the founder (David Schomer) literally wrote the book on espresso that inspired a whole generation of obsession + the latte art you now see everywhere. Don't miss this experience on your next trip to SEA-TAC.

Finally - we'd love to thank Patagonia for letting us post up yesterday in their Santa Monica store. We don't too a huge amount of these events, but every so often the alignment is too strong to pass up. Every Sunday AM they host a free yoga class at 9am, and we had the pleasure of slingin' #beanjuice to the blissed-out crowd and stuck around for a few hours after the store opened. Stay tuned to our Insta/FB for news on similar events down the road!

Oh - and you've gotta check out this ridiculous single-bean pour over, which might be one of the most ridiculous things we've ever seen.

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