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Pancakes on the Beach: Our 3rd Coffee

Looking for a sure-fire way to get attention at the beach? Arrive with pancakes and coffee. Amazing how many people will want to come and learn about WTF you're doing.

But seriously - I'm excited for this week's coffee (AMBRO). It's a washed coffee from Guatemala, about an hour away from Guatemala City high on a volcanic plateau. Maybe that pumice-rich soil helped craft this maybe syrup-y jamfest? Maybe I'll never know...

This farm (Finca Aqua Tibia) was founded by Franciscan monks in 1876 and coffee production started around 1940. The current producer (Eduardo Ambrocio) runs a highly diverse farm that consists primarily of a preserved forest - along with the coffee, livestock and a nursery. 

The granjeros (farmers) are are pretty OG in their processing techniques - sorting all coffees by hand (no modern machinery) and washing with fresh mountain spring water. This high-altitude region sits on the Fraijanes Plateau with rich, volcanic soil and ample rainfall.

The resulting coffee has a mellow acidity with a chocolate-forward notes that's guaranteed to earn your resounding high-fives from family, roommates and old friends. Maybe it inspires you to pack a bag and head outside with a (perhaps healthier?) breakfast with a view. I certainly enjoyed it with flapjacks at the beach.

Are you on board with the "Latigo Coffee Presents..." Spotify playlist yet? With each and every roast, you'll find a batch of new tunes tailored for maximum coffee compatibility. This may be the most supremely legit mixtape do date.

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