This is a long overdue post, but we're excited to share nonetheless. If you've been following our IG story for the past 4-5 months, then perhaps you've seen a fantastic mix of folks who pioneer their crafts. Artists, musicians, athletes, photographers, travelers, misfits, and everything in between. Some of these peeps have been supporting Latigo since 2016 - others we've followed eagerly for years. The whole diverse fam is part of what makes what we do special. Support these rad peeps and read on!

Sarah Attar | Mammoth Lakes, CA

The original Avenger! Sarah was one of our first collabs with the Latigo Q&A Series about 2 years back. Two-time Olympian who you've likely seen with the likes of On Running and Field Mag, she trains year-round with Mammoth Track Club in our favorite place on earth: the Eastern Sierra. She's also a super-sweet human being who happens to take incredible photos. Hi, Sarah!

Alex Swanson | Costa Mesa, CA

Back in 2014, we kept seeing this super-stoked guy pop up all over the Almond Surfboards IG feed. He captured these aqua-vignettes of our hometown (Newport Beach) in a way that just made us smile. Father, husband, lifeguard, firefighter, and wickedly-talented photographer - we're pumped to support Alex and his new family with fresh beans! Check out our 2017 Q&A, "The Life Aquatic with Alex Swanson" for additional vibe.

Will Holder | Coronado, CA

Southern California is our home - yet somehow, San Diego has always been slightly out-of-reach from our roots in LA. Thankfully, there's Will. He originally found us on the 'gram, and quickly became a top supporter (posting some absolute 🔥 morning coffee shots with Latigo like this and this). He captures the coastal SD surf lifestyle in a classy (and classic) way through his photography. We have a big 'ol #bodywomping shot of his hanging at the Latigo HQ, which we love. The guy also has fantastic friggin' taste in music (just pay attention to his IG stories) - much of it winds up in our own Spotify playlist, Latigo Radio. We're stoked to have Will on-board!

Ginger Boyd | Los Angeles, CA

Writer, cyclist, overall rad human being. We just recently welcomed Ginger to the Latigo Ambassador fam - and chances are pretty good that she's worked with some of your favorite brands (Outside Magazine, Stay Wild, Outdoor Voices, Machines for Freedom, the list could go on). Certainly no shortage of high-quality "bike content" out there on the interweb, but like all of our Ambassador fam (in their own crafts), Ginger has a unique perspective that constantly makes us stoked to live in this great city.

Erisy Watt | Portland, OR

We found Erisy by accident. A few weeks before our first Campout in the Eastern Sierra, a band from Santa Barbara we had booked to play a little campfire set had to duck out. They did, however, put us in touch with a mega-talented singer-songwriter from Santa Barbara who we decided to book on a whim. That decision proved magnificent. Erisy's set with fellow band mate Jeremy Ferrara put us all in a trance. It was perfect. As of late, Erisy spent several months in Nepal teaching for a habitat conservation program - and just released a new single (which you should peek at) - "Never Know". Pleasure to have you on board, Erisy!

Corina Barnick | Long Beach, CA

Look up "style" in a dictionary and you're likely to see a picture of Cori. Graceful wave slider, talented photographer, overall super-kind person. A longtime RVCA Advocate, she's likely off on a surf-adventure somewhere sunnier (and with better surf) than wherever you're at. Not that it's a contest or anything. But seriously... she crushes the aquatic-travel game. Check out her latest voyage to Sayulita in this video recap from RVCA + W Hotels. Looks pretty nice, Cori!

Lillian Hoodes | Boulder, CO

She's on the trails! She's in the news! She's comin' to steal your (crappy backpacking food). She's Lillian friggin' Hoodes - the founder of TrailFork, and a longtime friend of our coffee biz. In just a little over 1 year, Lillian has managed to blow up TF (thanks to a delicious product and lots of hard-ass work) to some 40 REI's across the country. Last year alone, we personally enjoyed TrailFork meals in the mountains of Idaho and the desolation of Death Valley (personal favorite: the "unwrapped burrito"). She's a neat human and we're very lucky to have her on board!

John Alcantara | Chicago, IL

Last and certainly not least, we have Stoked Johnny! We'll let him close out this post in his own words:

"Name is John Alcantara, people call me STOKED JOHNNY!! Born and raised in NYC, but currently living in Chicago,IL. You can say I’m always out for an adventure and always excited to see what it has to offer. This past summer I did the Tour Divide from Banff to Whitefish with some rad folks now I call good friends and it was one of the hardest tours I have done but it was a great experience other then the forest fires that was happening awhile we were trucking south.

I also love getting people stoked on bikecamping and just getting out there. There’s so much to see and so much to place a tent or hammock to. At the moment I been racing couple of races in CX and for 2019 I’m racing Landrun100, Dirty Kanza(if I get in) and Coast to Coast and probably squeezing in Idaho Hot Springs bike trip.

If you see say hello or a high five and if you want #coffeeoutside I’ll be down to share my Latigo coffee beans with y’all!!"

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